Watch: A thief “lifting” a camera while photographer is shooting a wedding

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Here is a video pushing my faith in humanity just a bit int he wrong direction. Greek photography site, PTTL, shared a story and a video showing a person borrowing a Sony camera and a lens from the photographer’s bag.

According to PTTL, photographers Vagelis Tolis and Stavros Kostakos were covering a wedding at St. Dionysius Areopagite Catholic Cathedral in Athens on December 27th. You can see one of the photographers handling the gear, then going about their shooting routine.  A man sits by the gear and “relocates” a Sony camera and a lens into a bag he brought with him. That man then exits the cathedral with the camera and the lens.

The camera serial is 3794807, if you see it begin sold, you can contact Vagelis Tolis.

This is a reminder that while most of the people are good, you still need to be careful with your gear.

[via PTTL]

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